Help TEAM Servant Warrior® LAUNCH into 2017.

Here's what is on the horizon for 2017:

*  Servant Warrior® TV - the channel of Servant Warrior® Ministries. It's the Blade Side of 

Christian music and talk. Watch and subscribe to the channel HERE.

* Unabashed Music Fest 2017 - a FREE admission music festival featuring some of the best hard core rockers for the Rock! Check out the Unabashed Music Fest Facebook page.

* Reclamation Revolution - a two-fold movement: One, to reclaim our Biblical and Constitutional foundation and adherence to them as the foundations of our country as well as to promote conservative, Constitutional based, civic involvement among the younger generations in our country. And, two, to reclaim generations that have been lost to the world.

* The Keep™ - We are actively searching for the right location for The Keep™, Servant Warrior®'s drug-alcohol-tobacco free music venue for faith-based alternative, rock, metal, country, rap, as well as cross-over groups, with the goal to bring together all walks of life to minister to them through music and entertainment.  

* And, more...



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